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We have decided to make use of your marriage services. What now?

Thank you! Please contact me to make sure that I am available for your wedding ceremony. If I am available, download the booking form, complete it and email or fax it to me. Please note that R1500 must be paid into my account to confirm your booking.

What if you are not available to marry us?

I can always refer you to another marriage officer!

Do we have to meet you before the wedding?

Yes, I prefer to meet couples before the marriage at my residence in Pretoria. This will enable us to meet each other, discuss the ceremony, your preferences, provide information about yourselfs, etc. This way we will know what to expect from each other on your most important day!

What do you need before the wedding day?

- A completed marriage application form.
- A certified copy of the groom's ID document.
  - (Passport copies in the case of non-South African citizens)
- A certified copy of the bride's ID document.
  - (Passport copies in the case of non-South African citizens)
- Certified copies of the ID documents of the witnesses.
- Please attach a map and the directions to the venue.

Do I have to take my husband's surname after the wedding?

According to South African law, a woman may after her marriage:
- Retain her maiden name;
- Assume her husband's surname;
- Resume a surname, which she bore at any prior time;
- Join her maiden surname or previous married surname with that of her husband's.
The bride-to-be, must consider this before the wedding and let me know!

Will we be able to marry outdoors as well?

Yes! Garden weddings are very popular. Just have a backup plan in the event of rain.

How many witnesses are necessary at the wedding?

Two witnesses are necessary. An ID document or passport will be required from them, so remind them to bring it along!

Will our photographer be allowed to take photographs during the wedding ceremony?

Yes, you have to look back on your wedding day and remember all the detail! He/she must how ever do it discreetly and must not interfere with the ceremony.

How long does the wedding ceremony last?

The ceremony lasts about 40 minutes, but can be adjusted to suit your needs. Remember that once the ceremony is completed, the register needs to be signed and usually the photographer want a few photos as well! This usually takes about 10-15 minutes.

Is the bride allowed to be late at the wedding?

Yes, but it should not exceed 15 minutes! Should there be a reason for her arriving later, I should be informed, as to inform the guests, especially on hot summer days!

What language will be used during the ceremony?

The choice is yours! Afrikaans or English or a combination of both.

How do you register our marriage?

You need to sign the marriage register on the day of the wedding, together with two witnesses and myself. You will then receive your marriage certificate. I then submit your documents to the Department of Home Affairs which does the rest. Keep in mind that the process on their side can take up to two months to complete, as they are responsible for this part of the registration. You will receive more documents at a later stage.

Do you and your wife attend the reception as well?

We do, but only if invited and if I am not needed elsewhere at a wedding.

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